Short Courses Courses


    Learn how to grow your own fish and food successfully using the aquaponic system.

    Bees, Beekeeping and Honey

    Learn to keep bees, improve plant pollination and at the same time increase food plant production, produce honey, honeycomb, and other bee products.

    Designing Gardens

    Learn to design a garden - formal or informal, courtyard or large property. Create a functional, attractive landscape that meets any criteria.


    Ecotherapy short course, study nature-based therapy, at home by Distance Education

    Fruit and Vegetables

    Learn to grow fruits and vegetables: greens, root vegetables, tomatoes and capsicums to apples, citrus, berries and mushrooms. Home grown.

    Improving Agricultural Sustainability

    This course covers sustainable concepts, soils, water management, pest and disease control, sustainable weed control and cultivation, farm management, growing and harvesting plants, sustainable animal management, technological applications.

    Land Management

    Land Management short course - professional development for farmers, environmental managers, gardeners and others.

    Managing a Nursery

    This course discusses about different management aspects required to run a profitable plant nursery.

    Medicinal Herbs

    Learn to grow many of the commonly grown medicinal herbs. Understand the chemistry and medicinal applications better with this correspondence course.

    Plant Health

    Learn to identify and control health problems, pests and diseases, in plants: fungal, bacterial, virus, insect, nematode and other problems.

    Plant Taxonomy

    Learn why plants are named scientifically and to identify distinguishing botanical features making plant identification much easier.

    Planting What Where

    Improve your knowledge of plant selection so you can make better choices of what to plant where as a landscaper or gardener.

    Pruning Plants

    Learn How to Prune Plants. Become a "certified" pruner. Learn to prune roses, grapes, trees, shrubs, bonsai, hedges, topiary and more with this online course.

    Sheep Breeds

    Learn everything you need to know about sheep breeds in this online course. Enrol and start learning immediately. This course covers 199 different breeds and much more about sheep health, care, feeding and breeding.