Why Study with ACS?

The Australian Correspondence Schools stands out from other Vocational Training Colleges.

The following points show why:-


  • Our courses are more focussed on learning - and we know that in the long term it is what you learn that makes the greatest difference to success.
  • Our graduates are extremely successful.
  • Our courses are unique (Being different is often essential in today's world. Employers and clients don't just want another person with a mainstream qualification who has the same knowledge and abilities as everyone else).
  • Our standards are high - compare the length of our courses with others; compare our student services.
  • We have been a preferred training provider with the Australian Institute of Horticulture for decades; and a member of the careers advisory bureau with the (UK) Institute of Horticulture. (Our principal is the only person to have ever been honoured with fellowships from both of these institutes.
  • Flexibility – you can study when and where you want, choose what to study, mix and match an extremely wide range of modules in a way to suit you.
  • Tutors are highly qualified and experienced - more so than for most other colleges (our minimum requirements for tutors are set higher than some other vocational colleges.
  • Service to students is more immediate than at other colleges – Tutors are on duty 5 days a week – on call as you need them, this type of service is virtually unheard of elsewhere.
  • Service is guaranteed, before, during and after study. We don't just help you through a course; but we stand ready get to know you, and advise you on what to study before you start. When you graduate; we're still there for you; and happy to advise you where and how to look for work and develop your career.
  • Internationally recognised and accredited courses (through International Accreditation & Recognition Council).
  • Memberships and recognition through various industry bodies. (eg. Australian Institute of Horticulture sponsors our certificate students for free membership while studying)
  • Arrangements through other institutions leading to higher qualifications.

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We train people for every type of job and career in horticulture:


Work as a gardener, greenkeeper, nurseryman, landscape designer, garden designer, horticultural consultant, arborist, tree surgeon, gold course superintendent, parks manager, landscape contractor, market gardener, orchardist, herb farmer, florist, environmental consultant, garden writer, horticultural therapist, horticultural lecturer, gardening teacher, herb farmer, cut flower grower, plantsman, garden foreman, interior plant expert, plant breeder, propagator, nursery manager, horticultural salesperson, garden centre manager, allied trades supplier, sales manager, sales assistant, machinery supplier, farmer, irrigator, laboratory assistant, park ranger, fruit grower, garden centre manager, head gardener, agronomist, horticultural scientist, taxonomist, botanist, radio presenter, television presenter, lecturer, micro propagator, small business proprietor. 


Why Study ACS Courses?

When we plan new courses, we ensure the course is designed for effective learning. 


A Process Leading to Change

Learning should be a process leading to change. Good education changes not just what a person knows, but also the way they think about and apply what they know. If a course of study has done it's job, the student will have transitioned to become a more capable person, and more effective operator in the context of what they studied.


Learning is a process that enables us to grow or develop as individuals, and through that learning we change. Like that old phrase, give a man a fish and he may eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he can feed himself. Everything we learn changes us in a small or large way.  Learning may change our understanding of a simple task or the world around us.

The Oxford Dictionary defines learning as “the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience or being taught.”

So a quality course will enable someone to expand both theoretical and practical knowledge. 


ACS courses 

provide theoretical knowledge 

encourage students to undertake practical tasks 

initiate new experiences for learners

develop soft skills employers want

increase the potential to learn more in the future

increases our potential to improve our performance.


Soft skills are less obvious skills and are often not as easy to measure but they are almost more important than anything else! The soft skills market is a rich one — jobseekers are looking to improve or add to job skills to boost employability while employers are looking to train new hires to fill skills gaps.

A report by Deloitte found that 63% of all jobs in Australia will be soft skill intensive by 2030. Employers need generalists. People who are skilled in a variety of ways, not just one limited way. 


High demand soft skills include:


Conflict resolution

Communication skills

Time management

Strong work ethic

Leadership skills

Growth mindset

Responding well to feedback



Emotional intelligence

Communication skills


Digital skills

Problem solving

Critical thinking


Learning increases the potential to learn in the future and one’s performance potential in the future

As well as developing soft skills and subject skills, studying our courses also increases a person’s performance potential in the future.  


Through studying, learners demonstrate: 

they are keen and willing to learn. 

they are willing to improve. 


This improves the student’s job and career prospects. Learning is a lifelong process, whether it is by studying courses or developing new skills. At ACS, courses are carefully constructed to develop people holistically for their future prospects. 


Increase Future Opportunities

A successful course will help a student to:

improve their job and career prospects

develop their soft skills

develop their subject skills and knowledge

improve their potential for learning in the future





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