Professional Development (CPD) Courses

    Certificate in Commercial Horticulture

    Learn farm management for orchards, market gardens, nurseries and herb farms, via distance education. This is a great course for those wanting to start a business growing a variety of horticultural crops.

    Certificate in Domestic Gardening

    Learn to be a professional horticulturist, create and manage domestic home gardens. Understand what is required to maintain gardens and turf areas,and their nutritional requirements.


    Certificate in Horticulture,growing herbs commercially. Home study online course. Covers the basics of horticulture in the first half of the course and moves on to herb growing in the second half.


    Horticulture correspondence course. Develop a sound knowledge of the principles of gardening and plant health, then specialise in landscaping, ornamental horticulture, turf or nursery.

    Certificate in Rural Horticulture

    Certificate course in rural horticulture online course. Learn to grow and manage plants land care, environmental enrichment and other aspects growing healthy plants.

    Certificate in Social Horticulture

    Improve the well being of people by applying sound design principles to our built environment. Study horticultural therapy, learn about designing green and open spaces.