Certificate in Rural Horticulture

Course CodeVHT070
Fee CodeCT
Duration (approx)600 hours

Work in Rural Horticulture

  • Farms, Market Gardens, Orchards, Forests
  • Rural Roadsides
  • Parks and Reserves
  • Conservation areas
  • Minesites

Learn crop production, landscape maintenance, land rehabilitation to start or develop a career in this 600 hour course.


We are all affected by the nature and quality of the land where we live. When the land beneath our feet is stable we can adapt our living to suit the conditions; constructing appropriate buildings and planting appropriate gardens for the environment. When the environment changes or the land degrades, conditions in the environment are potentially impacted in so many ways.

Consider the things that can cause instability in the land - from climate change to erosion, and contamination or over-use of chemicals to deforestation. With a better understanding of what can go wrong, it is possible to respond and minimise negative impacts on the land.

This course offers more than just understanding and forging macro responses to problems; a big part of managing land is also tackling degraded sites and rehabilitating those sites through the use of appropriate anti-erosion methods and plant establishment techniques.

You have an opportunity here to learn about managing land for any amenity or production purpose in rural areas; to establish and manage plants in a way that is both appropriate and sustainable for the places in which they grow.

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