Science and Technology Courses

    Biochemistry I - Plants

    Study plant chemistry, biochemistry and biochemical applications in this foundation correspondence course. Learn about the nitrogen cycle, photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration etc.

    Biochemistry II

    Study a chemical molecules Biochemistry online correspondence course on line or external studies for career, professional development or self improvement

    Biochemistry III - Plants

    Study a biochemistry (chemistry of biology) correspondence course on line or external studies. Advance your career, professional development or self improvement in the horticultural industry.

    Botany I - Plant Physiology And Taxonomy

    Learn plant science, studying botany by external studies from home. Study taxonomy, flower structure, photosynthesis, respiration, tissues, anatomy and physiology and other aspects of plant science.

    Botany II

    Study botany and plant taxonomy with this online correspondence course. Designed for students wanting a deeper understanding of how plants function.

    Cell Biology

    Cell biology correspondence course. Study the biology of plant and animal cells and how they function. Understand the make up of different cells.

    Certificate in Biotechnology

    Understand how to apply and what is involved with biotechnology in the horticulture industry. A very good course for those wanting to get into horticultural research.

    Genetic Applications

    Study applied genetics online. Learn about gene technologies, epigenetics, genetic mapping, genomics and more.


    Learn genetic science as a foundation for breeding and managing plants. Genetics is important to plant health management, developing new cultivars and much more.


    Learn all about geology including geophysics, geochemistry, rocks, minerals, structural geology, groundwater hydrology, and practical applications of geology.

    Machinery And Equipment (Engineering I)

    Know More About Horticultural Machinery and Mechanised Equipment. Learn to manage, select, operate and maintain tools and equipment used in agriculture and horticulture safely.


    Learn about the various machines used in our day to day lives. The course covers fuel and electric engines, there care and maintenance.


    Online Biology Course - Learn the fundamentals of microbiology for work in horticultural research, plant protection, laboratory analysis or soils management


    100 hour comprehensive course in physics; a foundation for understanding photography, energy systems, mechanics, construction; or for further studies in the physical sciences.

    Plant Ecology

    Study a plant ecology correspondence course on line or external studies in Australia or N.Z. for career, professional development or self improvement


    Statistics and mathematics are an important part of our day to day lives. Study statistics and learn about an important part of doing any form of research.

    Zoology - Vertebrates

    Learn about many different types of animals, birds and fish. Understand animal taxonomy and classification.