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Lana Mitchell 
"I consider that my success in recent years is directly related to the training I have done with the ACS. The materials were spot on, and the tutors were superb. I have always firmly believed that if you have a passion to do something, the only thing that will prevent you from attaining your goals, is lack of training and lack of understanding -- and for me, the Australian Correspondence School makes sure that that does not occur. Could not recommend them more."
Cut Flower Production


Kathryn Crossfield
Great course, tutor was really good with explaining and marking. [She] gave me new ideas for my garden and hints for it too. Learning so many new things about growing different vegetables, how to grow them and what to do. All about soils and garden plots. 
Home Vegetable Growing
I thought the course was well designed with relevant course modules and information. My tutor’s comments were helpful and encouraging. I am considering what course to do next so that is a good sign that I am very happy with all aspects of the school. 
Landscape Design


I have enjoyed the content of the course and found it very possible to cope with correspondence learning and having a young, demanding family. 
Nursery Sales Assistant
I have learnt many aspects of Permaculture I didn’t even think of. I understand my land and the environment far better for doing this course. I feel very confident in planning and growing plants for the area. 
Certificate in Horticulture 
Dennis Ting
The main difference between my experience of studying at University and studying with ACS is that at University you're basically regurgitating text books. In contrast ACS assignments can be quite involved requiring hands-on application of principles, creative thinking and analysis. 
Certificate in Garden Design 

Craig Ledbury  
In my role within a large Aged Care Facility a great deal of my employment is spent in the area of Turf management and garden care/refurbishment. With ACS I was able to study at my own pace allowing me to put into practise and thoroughly research the subject matter broadening my knowledge and study experience further. I enjoyed the way in which the subject matter was presented as it allowed you to study each subject further, allowing for greater depth, clarity and knowledge.  
Overall there are not many areas in which the course subject matter will not turn out to be invaluable, everything is covered to allow you to become successful within your own business or place of employment. A big thank you to Gavin Cole [tutor] and all at ACS. It was a pleasure to study with ACS, look forward to further study. 

Turf Renovation & Repair


Tom Wood 
I have found the course to be interesting and challenging, with great learning materials that really make you research the industry and get involved. It has been a great way to study because it has allowed me to work in the industry and study at the same time. I have found the online resources to be fantastic, the tutors feedback constructive and the fact that assignments can be submitted online makes the process so easy.? 
Advanced Certificate in Horticultural Science

Katherine Parry 
I have found the course material to be comprehensive and informative and have learnt a lot and really enjoyed my year of study. The office staff at ACS have always been helpful and efficient and quick to respond to requests or queries. My tutor, was encouraging and supportive, as well as being really thorough in the way she marked my assignments. I had not studied for 20 years before I started my Foundation Certificate in Horticulture and the feedback and reassurance I received from my tutor made all the difference. 
Foundation Certificate in Horticulture
Melanie Sumpter 
I am enjoying my course and it has given me an understanding of what I need to do once I have completed my course.??I find the course to a valuable learning experience.?I am able to do it in my own time (I have young children) and the learning is interesting. 
Cut Flower Production  


Melanie Veasey 
The course has been fabulous because it really made me think beyond my own planting ideas. I have particularly enjoyed the research into noted garden writers and considering the legal aspects of conservation for the future. 
Garden History 


Pauline Ross 
[The course] is?teaching me a lot about propagation that I did not know.?Your courses are very good, easy to understand, full of lots of valuable information.? My tutor is very good, fair and always there if needed. 
Cutting Propagation 


James McKelvey  
[The course] gave me extra knowledge of the industry that I am currently working in. It covered all aspects of the industry. I liked the way you had to work through each lesson/category i received excellent feedback from my tutor. I enjoyed the viticulture course, it has given me extra knowledge that I will use. 
David Painter 
[The course] gave me an insight into a subject that I have been interested in for a long time. Plus it has helped me in my current job with a local landscape/nursery company. [The structure] was done in a way which was very easy to understand and this helped when you hit a subject which was hard to get a grip with. All feedback from the tutors was very constructive and helpful. 
Landscaping I


Rowena Headlam 
Yes, [the course has been a valuable learning experience] definitely.? I’m learning a lot of things that I find useful straight away, and there are lessons that I can practically apply to help me to learn. 

Horticulture I


Darrell Murdoch
Yes [the course was valuable]. I have been out of the greenkeeping industry for some time and the course was a good way to refresh my knowledge and also improve it, with new information. There was no pressure time wise and I received good support and encouragement from my tutor. 

SportsTurf Management


Joanne McLeod 
I find the course quite interesting!  At first glance the reading material and questions look so simple, but they actually require quite a bit of thinking and probing.  The course is very well designed!
Botany II


Katrina Merrifield
I definitely learned a lot from [the course) but it was also beneficial in affirming [and raising my confidence] in what I already knew. 
Trees for Rehabilitation

(The course) has helped me achieve a ‘greener’ thumb. I now have lots more success with my garden. Beforehand, my thumb was the furthest from ‘green’ you could get!
 Herb Culture


I find this an excellent way to study as I can do it at my own pace.
Herb Culture


Thanks ACS, studying with you has been truly rewarding, because of your understanding, helpfulness and devotion to all students. I will certainly use the chance to study again with you!
Herb Culture


Bernice Radtke
This course was a valuable learning experience.  My workplace is slowly changing to a 'greener' approach to managing every aspect of their parks, flowerbeds & trees.  I'm trying to learn and find new ways to go 'greener' in the landscape as are many other individuals working in municipalities in Ontario.  Your course provided me with a basic foundation to start and I'm looking forward to the rest of the Permaculture course. Feedback was very specific and easy to follow.

Permaculture I


Dale Rider
So far I have found the course very thorough and extremely informative.  I enjoy the assignment questions and reading the course material.  Having glanced ahead at the future lessons I can easily see I am going to cover all the important aspects of Horticulture before starting the Permaculture half of my course.
Certificate in Horticulture (Permaculture)

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