Lawn Mowing & Turf Care Short Course

Learn to maintain lawns. Understand options for mowing, controlling weeds, feeding, watering and pest management in all types of turf.

Course Code: SGH13
Fee Code: SG
Duration (approx) Duration (approx) 20 hours
Qualification Certificate of Completion
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Learn how to care for lawns and turf to create beautiful green spaces. 

This course teaches you to be a cut above the rest!

Why Study Lawn Care?

There may be a lot of people who find work mowing lawns - as contractors or employed in sports turf car on parks, golf courses and elsewhere; but many if not most are unskilled and untrained. Even qualified gardeners often don't properly understand the difference between different types of soils, grasses and types of lawns and as a result make poor decisions about how to cut a lawn. The length of cut, time when you cut, equipment used, and a whole lot more do make a difference.

  • Study this course to know more and be better at lawn care
  • Be a truly capable lawn care expert
  • Secure your future - be more valuable to employers or clients.

Ideal course for:

  • the home gardener,
  • a trades gardener,
  • grounds person,
  • mowing contractor,
  • franchisee,
  • anyone preparing to work in the horticulture industry.

This course is so specialised it will teach you more about lawn and turf care than what most professional horticulturists ever learn!

You will also learn to understand lawns, evaluate turf quality, maintain turf and manage the business of providing a turf care service.

Lesson Structure

There are 5 lessons in this course:

    • What varieties
    • In unexpected drought conditions
    • Evaluating turf quality and needs
    • Mowing calculations
    • Basic calculations
    • Mowing
    • Understanding how grass grows
    • Understanding how lawn mowers cut grass
    • Other considerations for mowers
    • How to mow grass
    • Before you mow
    • Length of cut
    • Direction of cut or pattern of cutting
    • Other considerations
    • Mowing newly established turf
    • Raking before cutting?
    • Collecting grass clippings
    • Summary of points
    • Cutting steep slopes
    • Using growth regulators
    • Problems that may occur by mowing
    • Mowing safety
    • Mowing and its impact on the environment
    • Maintaining turf
    • Maintenance tasks
    • Turf/lawn aeration
    • Soil pH
    • Other ways to improve soils
    • Weeding
    • Dealing with pest and diseases
    • Environmental problems in turf
    • Watering
    • Types of mowing equipment
    • Cylinder mowers
    • Rotary mowers
    • Tractor mounted
    • Ride on mower
    • Push type mowers
    • Hover mowers
    • Options for power
    • Deciding what you need
    • Mower maintenance
    • Electric mowers
    • Petrol mowers
    • Changing mower blades
    • Other turf maintenance equipment
    • Edger
    • Leaf rakes/vacuums
    • Forks
    • Rollers
    • Wheelbarrows
    • Strimmer/brush cutter/whipper snipper
    • Spray equipment
    • Should you buy, lease or hire?
    • Starting your business
    • Before you start
    • Be informed
    • Developing a customer base
    • Location
    • Employees
    • Equipment
    • Finance
    • Buying into a franchise
    • Avoiding disputes
    • Other services you might offer
    • Legal requirements
    • Professional advice
    • Keeping business records
    • Taxation
    • Understanding contract law
    • Developing your business
    • Managing growth

This course is ideal for: 

  • Gardeners – Tradespeople
  • Horticulturists
  • Turf Industry Employees (Mower shops, turf farms, etc)
  • Parks Staff
  • Sportsground Staff
  • Mowing Contractors
  • Home Gardeners
  • Students
  • Anyone starting a mowing business
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