Study time management online, to be a more effective manager, supervisor or business owner. 100 hour self paced online course.

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Duration (approx) Duration (approx) 100 hours
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Learn to Manage Time Better

  • Manage yourself and others more effectively at work
  • Determine benefits of time management for different areas
  • Determine effective time management strategies and tools. 

Why study this?

  • Everyone can make better use of their time. Do this course so you can make better use of your own time.
  • Time wasting can impact productivity at work
  • Time wasting can damage business profit
  • Time wasting can put unnecessary stress on yourself and those around you

Lesson Structure

There are 8 lessons in this course:

  1. Nature and Scope of Time Management
  2. Obstacles to Time Management
  3. Time Management Strategies
  4. Time Management Assessment Tools
  5. Prioritising Time
  6. Maintaining Productivity
  7. Effective Delegation
  8. Other Time Management Tools


If you are going to manage you time well, you need to know how you are using it. You also need to identify what time management skills and practices you are making use of. Most of us use time management practices whether we do it consciously or not. Sometimes these are habits we have developed, sometimes they are skills we have learnt. However, there are always areas we can improve if we monitor what we are doing.

There are many strategies for implementing good time management when you know what you want to do. Probably the most important elements to time management are prioritising, planning and goal setting. 

Why Study this course?

  • To raise your awareness and understanding of what can be wrong
  • To know proven strategies that can make time management better
  • To implement change and reap the benefits
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