Genus: Westringia
Family: Lamiaceae

Appearance: Shrubs

Flowers: Small flowers mainly white, mauve or lilac, in leaf axils or in terminal clusters.

Most flower for long periods.

Features: Some make good hedging plants.

Requirements: Generally very adaptable, though some need excellent drainage. Most prefer a sunny position. Some will withstand very exposed conditions, such as coastal areas.

Culture: Can be pruned to shape or increase foliage density, but generally not necessary. Propagate by cuttings.

Pest & Disease: Root rots can occur in over wet soils. Very occasional white fly or borer.

Species & Varieties:

Approximately 20 species, including:

W. brevifolia -To 1m tall, light blue to lavender flowers

W. fruiticosa (syn. W. rosmariniformis) (Coastal Rosemary) -A very hardy, fast growing, adaptable small shrub, with 'rosemary-like' foliage, and numerous, small, pale blue flowers over an extended period.

W. glabra -To 1.5m tall, mauve to blue flowers.

W. glabra X fruticosa (tm. 'Glabra Candalbra') -Dense dark glossy foliage, to 1.5m tall, violet flowers, very hardy.

W. 'Elizabeth Bough' -Compact shrub to 0.8m tall, soft green foliage, mauve-blue flowers.

W. longifolia -To 2m tall, white to light blue flowers

W. grandiflora -To 1.5m tall, large mauve or white flowers, particularly susceptible to root rots.

W. 'Wynabbie Gem' -To 1.4m tall, mauve flowers, a hybrid cultivar which flowers all year.

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