Indigofera (Indigo)

Indigofera include around 750 species of low growing shrubs and herbs with light blue to green pinnate leaves. Commonly called "indigo" these plants belong to the family Fabaceae.
Flowers: Spikes of red, purplish or lavender coloured pea-like flowers.
Features: Some species were formerly grown to produce the dye 'indigo'.
Requirements: Fertile, moist, but well drained soils preferred. Most are adaptable, but prefer warm, protected conditions.
Culture: They generally respond well to plenty of moisture during the warm months. Straggly species generally respond well to regular tip pruning. Propagated by seed or cuttings.

Pest & Disease: Leaf chewing insects

Species and Varieties:

I. australis (Austral indigo) -A straggly shrub to 1.2m, pinnate blue-green leaves. Flowers pinkish to red in spring. This plant is fast growing but short lived. It spreads easily by suckering. Tip prune regularly to keep in shape.

I. Gerardiana -A multi-branched shrub to 2m with pinnate leaves and rosy-purple flower racemes.

I. incarnata - Multi-branched shrub to 1m with elliptical leaflets in sets of 3-6 pairs. Mauve to rose flowers in racemes to 20cm long.

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