Fescue Turf | Festuca Grasses

Fescue or Blue Grasses are cultivars from the plant genus Festuca. There are over 100 species in this genus, widely spread across the world, but more prominent in temperate and colder places.


Annual and perennial grasses evergreen or herbaceous 10cm to 200cm tall depending on the species; leaf blades are sometimes auriculate. Panicles are narrow and open. Fine foliage


They need full sun is needed for the best colour in ornamental foliage; propagate by division or seed, avoid waterlogging


They include very important turf grasses, ornamentals, some species for pasture and animal feeds (hay).

Species Cultivated

Two main turf species are:

F. arundinacea (Tall Fescue): used as an ornamental grass i.e. important turf species.

F. glauca (Blue Fescue): a true grass, this genus includes blue coloured ornamental grasses. F. glauca is a low-growing, tussock forming grass which prefers a hot, sunny position, some survive in the shade; can be used as a border plant or perennial bedding plant.

Others cultivated include:
F. armoricana
F. brevipila
F. filiformis
F. heterophylla
F. longifolia
F. ovinia glauca
F. rubra var. dumetotum
‘Siskiyou Blue’

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