Genus: Eremophila
Common Name: Emu Plant
Family: Myoporaceae
Appearance: Shrubs or ground covers
Flowers: Tubular flowers, often large and colourful.

Requirements: Adaptable to different soil types provided well drained, though alkaline conditions often preferred. Extremely hardy to hot conditions, many also tolerate cold, but some are frost sensitive. Like full sun or light shade. Some arid species can sometimes survive up to 2 years without rainfall. High humidity is not tolerated well.

Culture: If water is a problem, grow on slopes, raised beds or containers. Once established, they respond to occasional watering and fertilising. Can be pruned to keep from becoming leggy, and shape. Propagate by cuttings (will also grow from seed or grafting -will graft onto Myoporum species).

Pest & Disease: Scale, occasional caterpillars, nematodes. Fungal disease (ie. Botrytis or Alternaria), particularly if over watered or in humid conditions.

Species & Varieties:

Australian natives, approximately 180 species

E. gilesii -Small shrub with mauve flowers.

E. glabra -To 1.5m tall, flower colour variable (green, red, orange or yellow), many different cultivars of this species are grown, varying in both height and colour.

E. longifolia -Upright shrub, long leaves, orange flowers.

E. maculata -Several varieties of this species are common in cultivation, varying in flower colour (white, pink, red, purple, yellow or orange), and height (0.5 to 2.5m tall).

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