Cordylines -How to grow codylines

Cordyline is a genus in the Agavaceae family. Somethimes also known as Ti Plant, these have a shrub-like growth, with erect woody stemmed plant with strap like coloured foliage.

Flowers: Large clusters of small flowers appear in summer. Sometimes fragrant.

Features: Foliage colour and architectural shape use in landscape.

Requirements: Fertile moist soils preferred. Tropical to subtropics. Not tolerant of frosts or strong winds. Partial shade preferred by most colour forms (usually purples and light oranges and whites dislike full sun).

Culture: Prune when desired, mulch well, keep soil fertile and moist. Propagate by cuttings or seed.

Pest & Disease: mites, scale, mealy bugs, grasshoppers and beetles. Some diseases may occur in humid conditions and can be controlled by use of appropriate chemical spray. Fungal control is difficult.

Species & Varieties:

Approx. 20 species, including:

C. australis -To 5m with bronze and green leaf forms.

C. stricta -Dark green foliage plant to 4m.

C. terminalis -Can grow to 4m but usually kept to 2m or less. Dwarf forms are available. highly coloured foliage - pinks, red, purple, yellows, white, etc. Colour tends to improve as the cooler months approach.


Hawaiian Flag -Red stripes on yellow leaves.

Juno -Broad leaves, pale yellow in the centre and pink tipped.

Kiwi -Compact grower, narrow yellow, green and red striped leaves.

Negri -Large leaves, almost black green.

Pink Diamond -Long green leaves with pink leaf stalks, white margin and red edge.

Red Ribbon -Long strap like deep red leaves with light red margin

Red Sister -New growth is bright pinkish red, older leaves are a deep red green.

Tricolor -Distinctive cream, pink and green leaves.


Nb. Cordylines are frequently confused with Dracaena. The difference being Cordylines have ovaries with three cells, each with 6-15 ovules. Dracaena have only a solitary ovule in each cell.

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