Chamomile plants are members of the daisy family (Asteraceae or Compositae), and include both members of the genera Anthemis and Matricaria. All are relatively hardy, low growing plants. They can be mat forming or small upright plants. Annuals or perennials. Growth can be rapid during their growing season.



All require good drainage

Bright sunlight to full sun. Partial shade can be tolerated especially in warm hot areas.

Moist soil with much organic matter added

Adaptable even to hot conditions

Propagate by seed, division or cuttings.





CHAMOMILE LAWN or ROMAN (Anthemis nobile)

An evergreen mat forming perennial with fine bright green leaves. To 0.3m tall, though it is often cut shorter and grown as a lawn. Flowers used as a tea. Native to Western Europe, Azores and Northern Africa.

The flowers are the only commercially useful part of the plant.

Dried flowers are sold for chamomile tea.

Oil extracted is used in cosmetics, liqueurs and perfumes. Chamomile oil is in higher demand (world wide) than peppermint oil.

Chamomile is one of the top five commercial herb crops in the USA.

Chamomile is grown commercially in Germany, Hungry, Egypt, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Russia, USA and Albania.

The oil is used in many products including.... bath oils, cosmetics, hair dyes, mouth washes, shampoos, sunscreens, creams, detergents, perfumes, soaps, medicines (treating skin complaints & wounds, antiseptics, etc).



This is an upright annual shrub to 0.75m tall.

Flowers that appear in summer are dried and used to make the "normal" chamomile tea. Dried flowers are used to make a nerve soothing tea and as a hair rinse for lightening blonde hair. The flowers are single whites daisies with yellow centres. Native to Europe and western Asia.

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