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Meet our Graduates:

Jamie Speeding ACS StudentJamie Speeding studied and completed this certificate in the mid 1990's. While studying he formed his own business, Greenhort Design. Soon after Jamie became a member of The Australian Institute Of Horticulture (AIH) and was elected inaugural Chair of the Gold Coast branch, a position he held for three consecutive terms. His dedication to the industry saw him appointed on various industry advisory committees, form strong ties between the local nursery industry and help initiate the move to establish a botanic garden on the Gold Coast. He has also been a lecturer, magazine journalist and spent several years hosting a radio show on the local ABC.
Today he is fully occupied with commercial Landscape design. "For the past 18 months I have been mainly designing/drafting ACAD residential development landscape plans and childcare centers nationwide for Council submission. I now employ several full-time drafters and designers as the demand for our services has increased ten-fold."

Jamie believes that a lot of his success in the horticulture industry can be attributed to ACS Principal John Mason and past tutor Paul Plant who both encouraged and supported his career.


The following are comments sent to us by a range of the students who have completed courses with ACS.
"I consider that my success in recent years is directly related to the training I have done with the ACS. The materials were spot on, and the tutors were superb..." (read more of Lana's inspiring story that includes owning breeders rights to a specific Flannel Flower and running a successful export business). Lana Mitchell, Australia - Cut Flower Production

"I am extremely satisfied with my experience of ACS. The educational materials were easy to read and understand. The assignments were very practical and the administrative staff at the office were just superb."      Jose – Horticulture

"It exceeded my expectations".      Dawn -Horticulture I

"(The course) has helped me achieve a ‘greener’ thumb. I now have lots more success with my garden. Beforehand, my thumb was the furthest from ‘green’ you could get!" Janice – Herb Culture

"I have found the course interesting and it has expanded my knowledge of herbs immensely" D. Christian  Culinary Herbs

" This course was one of the best! "
-Rhonda, NSW, studying Garden Centre Management.

" I have never found the staff at any other learning institution as supportive as the staff at ACS. This gives one a lot of peace of mind and confidence to go on - at every squeak from my side, you guys have always been there, immediately to sort me out. The feedback on my lessons have always been really good and meaningful and an important source of my learning. Thanks!..."
- Student with ACS

"I found the course to be extremely helpful. It has given me the confidence and skills to present my work to publishers."
- Comments from Dilys in Tasmania.

" The Medicinal Herbs course has been an invaluable experience and reference towards doing Naturopathy at University. The tutors are very approachable and informed, the course structure is very well laid out and the enclosed texts and information will be a very useful reference in years to come. Without going to University these courses, in particular Medicinal Herbs, are some of the only other quality information that one can receive at a very reasonable price and a very flexible study structure. "
- Matthew, Medicinal Herbs.

"During my course of study with A.C.S. I found the staff to be very helpful in every way. They were always prepared to listen and to give me valuable feedback. I found the resources to be very good and once again the staff always there to assist with the appropriate knowledge and guidance needed to help me resource the data for my subjects. Congratulations A.C.S. on being a people friendly college. I commend you on your friendly staff and it is always so nice to find such obliging and friendly office staff on the phone whenever I have a query."
- Jill

" Mr Douglas is a fantastic tutor, I have learnt so much from him. He gave comments that aided in understanding and was always positive and encouraging....makes me feel not so distant. His tutoring made me strive harder."
- Lisa

" Thanks for the videos, they are great! I got a lot of information from them. The Turf Management video is practical and easy to understand. Plant Propagation is a video every student should watch because out here in the real world no-one would give out such information. The Rose Growing Tape was very beneficial to me as I have about 60 odd roses. I thought I knew a little about them but this tape is a real eye-opener."
- Kelvin

"I wondered at first if I could have learned what I needed to know just by reading up on ferns. But I would never have gained the knowledge or interest simply through reading. The assignments have made me look far more closely at what I’m doing."      Sandra Crump – Australian Native Ferns

" I really appreciate Gavin's (tutor) comments and look forward to receiving the feedback from him."
- Nadine

" Having completed the Advanced Hydroponics Course, I have since gone on to open my own successful hydroponics retail shop, now in it's third year of trading"
- Ted, Sydney, NSW

" I compliment you on the quality of the course. It has helped me immensely, already, in my job with the local council's parks & gardens department"
- Lester, QLD, studying Certificate in Horticulture (Landscaping)

" Clients... that have completed courses with the Australian Correspondence Schools that we have spoken to, have all been extremely happy. Leanne & myself are more than happy with the assistance we received and the prompt attention."
- Dynamic Workforce Solutions, Sydney, Australia

"This course has most definitely been a valuable experience; over the past 12 months I have saved about the same amount in energy costs as what the course costs. I cannot think of a better way it could be presented. This is the first time I have done a course like this, and the flexibility for getting projects finished has been very handy."    Paul – Alternative Energy

" I wanted to study herbs but I could not find a course at my closest TAFE, and travelling to Adelaide each day was not practical. ACS offered the best option - study at home, at my own pace and still tutor contact when I needed it. I was undecided in the facet of herbs that I wanted to specialise in - that was until I completed an assignment to produce three herbal products. My tutor tested my products and encouraged me to set up a small business making and distributing a range of natural herbal cosmetic and household products. His guidance has helped me establish an interesting and profitable business from my studies"
- Catherine, SA, studying Certificate in Applied Management

"The main difference between my experience of studying at University and studying with ACS is that at University you're basically regurgitating text books. In contrast ACS assignments can be quite involved requiring hands-on application of principles, creative thinking and analysis."
- Dennis Ting, Australia - Certificate in Garden Design

"Having not finished high school myself and never studied biochemistry my confidence is a little low but the encouragement I am receiving from Honor [tutor] is a tremendous help and making it easier for me as I go. [The course] is helping me realize what I am actually capable of and that I am smarter than I thought. Thank you for making it possible for me to study my passion while still being able to work. '
Melissa Smith, Australia, Biochemistry 1 (Plants)

"I definitely learned a lot from [the course) but it was also beneficial in affirming [and raising my confidence] in what I already knew." 
 - Katrina Merrifield, Masters Conservation Science, NZ - Trees for Rehabilitation course

"In my role within a large Aged Care Facility a great deal of my employment is spent in the area of Turf management and garden care/refurbishment. With ACS I was able to study at my own pace allowing me to put into practise and thoroughly research the subject matter broadening my knowledge and study experience further. I enjoyed the way in which the subject matter was presented as it allowed you to study each subject further, allowing for greater depth, clarity and knowledge."
"Overall there are not many areas in which the course subject matter will not turn out to be invaluable, everything is covered to allow you to become successful within your own business or place of employment. A big thank you to Gavin Cole [tutor] and all at ACS. It was a pleasure to study with ACS, look forward to further study."
Craig Ledbury, Australia, Turf Repair & Renovation

"I have found the course material to be comprehensive and informative and have learnt a lot and really enjoyed my year of study. The office staff at ACS have always been helpful and efficient and quick to respond to requests or queries. My tutor, Adriana, was encouraging and supportive, as well as being really thorough in the way she marked my assignments. I had not studied for 20 years before I started my RHS Certificate 2 in Horticulture and the feedback and reassurance I received from my tutor made all the difference."
"- Katherine Parry, Australia - RHS Certificate II in Horticulture 

"This course was a valuable learning experience.  My workplace is slowly changing to a 'greener' approach to managing every aspect of their parks, flowerbeds & trees.  I'm trying to learn and find new ways to go 'greener' in the landscape as are many other individuals working in municipalities in Ontario.  Your course provided me with a basic foundation to start and I'm looking forward to the rest of the Permaculture course.  Feedback was very specific and easy to follow."
- Bernice Radtke, Canada - Permaculture I
[The course} is teaching me a lot about propagation that I did not know.  Your courses are very good, easy to understand, full of lots of valuable information.  My tutor is very good, fair and always there if needed.
- Pauline Ross, Australia - Cutting Propagation course.
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