Cutting Propagation

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Course Code: BHT211
Fee Code: SOS2
Duration (approx) Duration (approx) 100 hours
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Learn to Propagate Plants from Cuttings 
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Course created by John Mason; author of many books including Propagating from Cuttings (Simon & Schuster/Kangaroo) and Nursery Management (Landlinks Press/CSIRO)
Course delivered by an exceptional team of horticultural experts from Australia, NZ and the UK.
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Lesson Structure

There are 8 lessons in this course:

  1. Introduction
    • The principles of propagating plants by cuttings.:Importance of cuttings
    • Phenotype vs genotype
    • Why choose cutting propagation
    • Where to get cuttings from
    • Basic cutting technique.
  2. Stem cuttings
    • Ease with which tissue forms roots
    • Types of stem cuttings (softwood, hardwood, semi hardwood, herbaceous, tip, heel, nodal, cane etc)
    • Treatments (eg. basal heat, mist, tent, etc)
    • Testing rooting, etc.
  3. Non-stem cuttings
    • Leaf cuttings
    • Root cuttings (natural suckering with or without division, Induced suckering, In situ whole root cuttings; ex situ detached root cuttings)
    • Bulb cuttings, scaling and twin scaling, sectioning, basal cuttage.
  4. Materials and Equipment
    • Stock plant Quality
    • Criteria for Selecting Plant Material
    • Planting Out Stock Plants
    • Care of Stock Plants
    • Stock Plants for Root Cuttings
    • Disinfecting cutting material
    • Sources of Hypochlorite
    • Plant Containers
    • Tools and Equipment
  5. Growing Media
    • Propagation media
    • Biological, chemical and physical characteristics of propagation and potting media
    • Testing for toxins
    • Air filled porosity
    • Nutrition Management
    • Potting up cuttings
    • Soil-less mixes, rockwool, etc.
  6. Factors affecting Rooting
    • Juvenility
    • Cutting Treatments
    • Hormones & their application; auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins
    • Applying Hormone
    • Anti transparents, acid/base treatments, disinfectants etc
    • Callusing
    • Mycorrhizae
    • Carbon Dioxide Enrichment, etc.
  7. Setting up a Propagation Area
    • Creating and managing an appropriate cutting environment in terms of: Water; Disease; Temperature; Light and Air Quality.
    • Greenhouses and other structures, cloches, cold frames, greenhouses, etc
    • Watering methods (mist, fog, capillary etc)
    • Heating, etc.
    • The Nursery Site
  8. Management of Cutting Crops
    • Estimating cost of production
    • Efficiencies in Cutting Propagation
    • Keeping records
    • Management

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