Media Release -Grow Plants Organically

Demand for ‘organically grown’ chemical-free produce is increasing rapidly. Supporters of the organic movement, now considered main-stream, were as recently as a decade ago often considered to be hippies and crack-pots. Today more and more people are demanding ‘organic’ produce and supermarkets are steadily increasing the stock on their shelves.

Along with a greater awareness of the importance of conserving our precious soils, many people are now also interested in growing their own vegetables organically.  

Organic plant growing is fundamental within permaculture, biodynamic or biological systems. Basic procedures may vary, but the broader aspects of growing plants organically within any of these concepts, is similar.

Knowing how to plan and develop a diverse garden using organic principles and techniques, to world accreditation standards, whether as a backyard gardener or a small producer is vital to the organic philosophy.

ACS Distance Education, established for 27 years and recognised internationally as an ethical leader in online and distance education, is offering an exciting new ‘Organic Plant Growing’ course.

Over ten lessons you can learn the concepts, principles and techniques used in organic growing systems, starting with plant culture and understanding soils and soil management.  Know which organic inputs such as fertilisers, mulch and compost are approved within accreditation systems, and which are not.  Understand plant nutrition and water requirements. Discover how to approach pests and disease problems. Learn how seed is grown using organic principles, and how to collect and store them. Then plan the production of an organically grown vegetable and fruit crop.

The course uses a down to earth, stimulating approach, and includes experiential and problem based learning. Guidance is offered throughout by experienced, dedicated tutors and administration staff.  It is a must for all organic enthusiasts interested in clean food and the conservation of our precious soils.

To view an outline of this course go to or call them for course details: in Australia - 07 5562 1088 or international - +61 7 5562 1088.

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