Aquaponics for Viable Urban Farming

Aquaponics is a great way of farming in urban areas; either for self sufficiency; or even on a commercial scale. You don’t have to wait to have land to start a farm - start a farm in the city! ACS has a course that allows you to learn to grow a crop of fruit or vegetables together with fish all in the one system.

Aquaponics combines aquaculture with hydroponics to create a farming method ideally suited to urban agriculture; highly productive in a relatively small space.

The 100 hour Aquaponic course was launched in 2012 and is within months was  attracting more enrolments than almost all of the other 500 distance learning courses we offer.

There are ten lessons:
1.  Introduction -how to grow fish and vegetables in the same system
2.  Aquaponic System Options
3.  The Science of Animal and Plant Growth
4.   Nutrition and Controlling Growth
5.   Selecting and Managing Animal Production – Fish & Crustaceans
6.   Setting up and Aquaculture System
7.   Aquaponic Plant Culture
8.   Applications and Opportunities
9.   Managing an Aquaponics Venture -including a Problem Based Learning Assignment
10. Troubleshooting and responding to fish, plant and system problems.

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