Why Study with ACS?

The Australian Correspondence Schools stands out from other Vocational Training Colleges. The following points show why:-

  • Our graduates are extremely successful.
  • Our courses are unique (Being different is often essential in today's world. Employers and clients don't just want another person with a mainstream qualification who has the same knowledge and abilities as everyone else).
  • Our standards are high - compare the length of our courses with others; compare our student services.
  • We are a preferred training provider with the Australian Institute of Horticulture; and a member of the careers advisory bureau with the (UK) Institute of Horticulture. (Our principal is the only person to have ever been honored with fellowships from both of these institutes.
  • Flexibility – you can study when and where you want, choose what to study, mix and match an extremely wide range of modules in a way to suit you.
  • Tutors are highly qualified and experienced - more so than for most other colleges (our minimum requirements for tutors are set higher than some other vocational colleges.
  • Service to students is more immediate than at other colleges – Tutors are on duty 5 days a week – on call as you need them, this type of service is virtually unheard of elsewhere.
  • Service is guaranteed, before, during and after study. We don't just help you through a course; but we stand ready get to know you, and advise you on what to study before you start. When you graduate; we're still there for you; and happy to advise you where and how to look for work and develop your career.
  • Internationally recognised and accredited courses (through International Accreditation & Recognition Council).
  • Memberships and recognition through various industry bodies.
  • Arrangements through other institutions leading to higher qualifications.
We train people for every type of job and career in horticulture:
Work as a gardener, greenkeeper, nurseryman, landscape designer, garden designer, horticultural consultant, arborist, tree surgeon, gold course superintendent, parks manager, landsape contractor, market gardener, orchardist, herb farmer, florist, environmental consultant, garden writer, horticultural therapist, horticultural lecturer, gardening teacher, herb farmer, cut flower grower, plantsman, garden foreman, interior plantscaper, plant breeder, propagator, nursery manager, horticultural salesperson, garden centre manager, allied trades supplier, sales manager, sales assistant, machinery supplier, farmer, irrigator, laboratory assistant, park ranger, fruit grower, garden centre manager, head gardener, agronomist, horticultural scientist, taxonomist, botanist, radio presenter, television presenter, , lecturer, micro propagator, small business proprietor, ....